Asmita Barot

Asmita Barot

CEO & Founder

With over a decade of expertise in commercial real estate, Asmita Barot serves as the dedicated Founder & Chief Executive Officer.

As a luminary in commercial real estate, Asmita specializes in financing, excelling particularly in commercial real estate lending. Her unwavering commitment to client success is evident in her hands-on approach to underwriting and originating loans, ensuring the seamless fulfillment of client objectives.

Offering a suite of distinctive services, Asmita provides strategic advisory to commercial real estate owners, investors, and lenders. She showcases proficiency in debt restructuring, especially in the context of securitized mortgages, and conducts thorough evaluations of commercial real estate loan portfolios, offering precise advice on acquisition strategies. Additionally, her expertise extends to formulating comprehensive asset management plans, assessing current portfolio risk for lenders, and conducting in-depth analyses of cash flow, property value, borrower strength, market risks, and loan configurations.

Asmita’s accomplished background positions her as an authority in commercial real estate. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, she is the ideal consultant, offering insights with integrity and precision. Her educational journey, culminating in a dual Bachelor/Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from the H.L. College of Commerce at Gujarat University, India along with Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Humber College in Toronto, Canada, seamlessly aligns with her practical expertise, solidifying her stature in the commercial real estate arena.